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Welcome to Shoujo City Wiki!

This website is used for managing all text assets of Shoujo City 3D. Dating is one of main features of the game, and it relies on having a lot of text dialogues on all possible subjects, like sports, school, cooking, fashion, and everything else. Please watch the video above to see how such dialogues work in the game.

If you want to help developing the game, you can do so by writing new text dialogues, or translating them from English into other languages. No special skills are required, apart from ability to write text with proper grammar and correct spelling. All dialogues are written directly in this wiki, and then copied into the game.

☆ Dialogues ☆

There are two main kinds of dialogues for dating scenes: "TALK" and "AB". For "talk" dialogues, you will be required to have some knowledge in a certain field your girl is interested in. E.g., to correctly answer this question about favorite daifuku, you'll have to know how daifuku are made. "A or B" dialogues require you to know about preferences of the girl you date.

Example dialogue ("TALK")

<text>What is your favorite daifuku?</text>
<choice>Crab daifuku.</choice>
<choice>Apricot daifuku.</choice>

<reply>Does it exist?</reply>
<reply>I like fruit daifuku!</reply>


It works as follows:

  • the girl you date says <text> and shows <emotion>
  • you are offered two <choice>
  • depending on your choice the girl will react with <reply>, her emotion/intimacy score will be set with <reaction>

Example dialogue ("AB")

<!-- A: girl likes text books; B: girl likes manga -->

<text>Do you like books with a lot of illustrations?</text>
<choice>Yeah, especially those with a lot of cute girls.</choice>
<choice>Books should make your imagination work instead of showing pictures.</choice>

<reply>I knew you'll tell that.</reply>
<reply>I think so, too.</reply>

<reply>Really? I wonder how big your collection is.</reply>
<reply>That sounds... boring.</reply>

It works similar to "talk" dialogues, but <reply> and <reaction> come with their opposites and are wrapped in new tags: <a> and <b>. Different girls will react differently to the same replies depending on their personality. If a girl likes reading text books, she will use <a><reply>, and if she prefers comics/manga, she will use <b><reply>. This adds more depth and strategy to the game, since you will have to learn about preferences of your girl to date her with higher success rates.

Initial emotion should be "std" in most dialogues. But if a girl, for instance, begins dialogue by talking about a bad dream she had, it can be "sad", if she talks about her feelings, it can be "blush", etc. Full reference chart for all emotions and scores is provided on all dialogue pages.

☆ Translations ☆

All translations of game texts are done by volunteers. You can see the list of already added languages in the sidebar menu on the left. If you know any of these languages (or any other ones you would like to see in the game), and want to help, please send me an email.

☆ Contact ☆

If you want to contribute by writing dating dialogues for the game, or translating them, please send an email to (replace [at] with @ and remove spaces):

laika16 [at] yandex.ru

and you'll get your account at this wiki and can start contributing. Note: there is no reward or payment for contributing. By contributing you'll improve the game and speed up the overall development process, which means releases and updates will come more often.

Thanks for reading!

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